How to Work Flea Markets & Trade Shows

The purpose of this article is to share information on how to work a Flea Market/Trade Show.  I will discuss things like: How to find a Flea Market, How to set up your booth, What to have in your booth, How to promote your product/opportunity, and much more information relating to building a successful business with a Flea Market.
This is a very detailed article because there is a lot to know about creating a flea market success.  The discussion in this article is very specific to Diet Magic and other Symmetry products and opportunity.
First of all, your ultimate goal is not to work a Flea Market but to find many other people to work Flea Markets in your downline.  Find someone to take over your flea market, train them and move on to the next flea market and repeat. 
Your goal is to have 10 or more flea markets being manned by people in your downline.  You will earn 7% from everything they do.  If you have 10 flea markets working, that is like earning 70%.  What would you rather earn 7% while working hard or 70% from your efforts of training others to duplicate what you do.
The very best place for you to find someone to take over your Flea Market is at a Flea Market.  The people working there are demonstrating they believe you can make money at a Flea Market and they are demonstrating they are willing to give up their week ends working at a Flea Market.  Many of those vendors are not making a lot of money, and they may have too much tied up in inventory.  They are usually open to looking at something they can sell which will provide them with better income.
This article will describe a total Flea Market set up.  You may not want to start out with the total set up.  You might want to start out with a minimal set up until you have the money to invest into the total set up.
You can work a very professionally decorated indoor booth, or you may start by setting up a card table at the trunk of your car or tailgate of your pick up.
Regardless of your set up, make it look as professional as possible.  You are an independent representative of Symmetry and you should present Symmetry in a very professional manner.
Selecting a Flea Market:
You can go to the Internet and find out where the Flea Markets are in your area or in any area you would like to work.  You will find some very good information about each Flea Market.
The most important thing to consider is How Many People Will Walk Past Your Booth.  If only 100-200 will visit the Flea Market, it may not be worth the effort.  It is much better if the traffic is 1,000 or more.  It is a numbers game.  Smaller markets will probably cost less and may be a good place to get started.
Actually, sometimes a smaller Flea Market will work fine provided you speak to everyone who passes.  Sometimes when you have thousands walk by you are selective about whom you speak to.  This is a mistake.  Never prejudge.  You never know who might be interested in your opportunity for a friend or who may be looking for a means of earning supplemental income.   I have also found that in bigger Flea Markets, people are in more of a hurry and aren't as likely to stop and visit with you.
Visit the Flea Market before you work it, if you can.  How big is their parking lot?  How many cars are there?  Speak to other vendors.  As long as they are not selling competitive products, they should be very happy to answer your questions and give you some idea of how well people are doing at that market.
How to Set up the Flea Market:
You will need tables to display your product and signs.  There are many different ways to arrange your booth.  At times you will need to modify your setup because of the size and shape of your booth space and who is on either side of you, or if you have a corner booth.
Some people like a table in front with their displays while they stand behind the table.  Others prefer to have a Walk In Booth.
Banners and Signs:
You will need banners and signs which identify you and your company and what products you are promoting.
They should be professional looking.  They can be purchased at any sign shop.  I get my from Vistaprint.  I order them on the Internet.  Following is a samples of a banner I have designed at Vista Prints.

A little tip: When you are giving out samples, you want your prospect to be able to find your booth when they are ready to come back and buy some and/or sigh up.  I have two banners I place back to back on an sign holder that I can extent high into the air.  That way they can locate my booth from anywhere in the Flea Market.  The larger the Flea Market, the more important this is.

I personally made my stand out of 2" PCV pipe.   I made it in different size sections so that the height could be adjusted depending upon the size of the Flea Market.  I assembled the height as needed.
You can laminate many existing brochures to use as signs.  You should have everything laminated for durability.  Also, there will be times when your are outside and there is wind that can blow away all of your display.  If you laminate everything, you can put Velcro on the back and bottom of everything.  That brings up another tip.  Your table cloths should be a material to which Velcro will stick. (You will be very happy I shared this tip ;-)
Tables: You probably will want to have at least 2 tables.   One 5' or 6' long and one about 3'.  Sam's Club is a good place to get your tables.  You will want a carpet ruminate the size to fit your table top.  Preferably carpet that Velcro will stick to. (There are a lot of carpets Velcro will not stick to.  I found out the hard way.)
Save all of your empty Symmetry Product bottles and boxes to use as display.  Fill them with gravel or sand to weigh them down.  You can also stick Velcro on the bottoms to keep them secured to the table tops.
You might want to make or purchase a display board to place on one of your tables.  This also should be made of a material that Velcro will stick to.
Make stickers with your name, phone number and web site and put them on EVERYTHING you sell or give away.  If you sell retail, have your sticker on the bottle. If you sell a trial back, your label should be on the card, and a sticker on each of the small envelopes.  They will separate the pills from the card and when they want to purchase, they will need to know how to get in touch with you.
If you give away a sample you will want your customer to swallow the pill right there at your booth.  If they want to take it with them you need to have them pay for their sample.  My experience is that they will take the product with them and never swallow it.
Since they will be swallowing the pill right there at your booth, you will need to provide them water.  You should purchase small 2 oz disposable cups.  You should have a large water jug to hold water and ice.  The water jug should have a water spout to get the water out easily.  
We start off the day by placing a bag of ice in the water dispenser and fill with water.  Throughout the day you will need to add additional water.  
You will be giving out one pill for them to swallow, or you can sell them a sample pack.
You will need to get their name, phone number and a good time to call them back to inquire about how the product worked for them.  Our experience is that about 98% of the people will give you their real name and phone number.  You will need a clip board with a pen attached to it with a string.   
I can't stress enough how important it is to get their name and number.  If your prospect is reluctant to give you that information you are either not approaching them the proper way or there is something about your appearance or presentation which makes them feel you can not be trusted with their phone number.
Some people feel it is enough to pass out business cards or brochures with your name and phone number on them.  I have learned from experience that they don't want to carry your "Sales Materials" and you will find them in the nearest trash can. 
If you are outside, it is good to have a 10x10 pop up tent.  This protects you from the hot sun and rain.
You will need lawn chairs to sit on.  A captain's chair or stool is also nice so you set higher up while speaking to your customers.
Purchase water at .15-.25 per bottle and sell them for $1.00 per bottle. Have ice in a cooler to keep water bottles cold. You may be able to pay for the booth from the profits from selling the water.  Some Flea Markets don't permit you to sell water if they have a concession stand that sells water.  It is best to just not say that you are selling water.  "It is better to apologize than to ask permission".
If the flea market is big enough, there can be more than one Diet Magic booth. That develops product recognition, and you probably both will sell more product and sign up more people.  Really!  I have proven this.
What to say:
You will need a very short catch phrase to attract people to your booth.  There are many different things you can say.  Find something you are comfortable with.  If you have two or three different catch phrases, you can say them one after the other.
Things that I say are; "Free sample, all natural herbal energizer; Gives you energy and suppresses your appetite;  Great weight loss product. Energy and appetite suppressant; Want to look better necked? Get ready to wear you bikini at the beach".
Make up your own catch phrase if you don't like those.
Sell Product also:
You will give out free samples to everyone who will take it right there in front of you.  If they want to take it with them, sell them a sample pack.  You can also sell Trial Packs and Retail Bottles.
When they ask for the cost, tell them, and always say, "but I can show you how you can get them for free."  If they ask how they can get them for free, you tell them to simply tell others about how well they work for them, and when they purchase their product, you will be paid.
What I say when they ask the cost.  I never say that the cost is $49.95 because once they hear that, they don't hear anything else you say.  They perceive that $49.95 is too much.   In fact $49.95 IS too much, I would never pay that without knowing if the product works.  Especially not when I can get the product for $13.00 per bottle less.
Following is what I say, "You could pay full retail, however we have a "Preferred Customer Program" where you can save $13.00 per bottle.  That brings the price to only $36.95 which is a little more than $1 per day.  You will probably save more than $1 per day on snacks you will no longer crage". 
Gimmicks to get people to your booth.
Some people will use different gimmicks to get people to the booth.  Some have used a "Wheel of Fortune" where they have a chance to make only one spin and they can win something like sample packs to take home, trial packs, maybe even a bottle.
Some people will have a drawing for a free product.  Whatever works for you.
Some give out free popcorn, or sell water.
New product "Clear Boost" may fit right into a flea market/trade show.  You can mix up a drink and offer a taste by pouring some into a 2 oz cup.   Pour your Boost into a bottle of water and sell it.  Energy drinks are a hot item right now.  Clear Boost is all natural and sugar free and does not provide a quick burst of energy then a crash like other products on the market.

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